B i o g r a p h y

The son of a preacher, Rev. Timothy Schultheis was given the gift of playing the trumpet starting at the age of five under the guidance of  his mother and aunt. Playing trumpet in a Christian Church since the age of 7, Rev. Tim has not stopped playing the trumpet for Jesus and his roots in the Gospel has propelled him as an elite trumpet player with a vast knowledge in the songs of the church. Bro. Tim can be seen in various churches and venues throughout the Northeast.

"My love for the songs of the church and especially the hymns is my roots. These songs are so missed in many churches that rarely use the Hymnal in the pews. I am fortunate to have a  background and life long tenure in church music." Bro Tim

Today with over 5 decades of music experience in the Christian ranks, Rev. Tim plays in any style church. His songs have the ability to
penetrate hard hearts and bring victory in place of defeat.

With All that is within me bless His Holy name.

If you would like Rev.Tim to visit your church and play with the choir or a special number or just come sit in and play as led by God; contact him!

Reverend Tim and his wife Carmen!

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